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8 Reasons Why you Need a Website Redesign

A well-designed website can be an amazing marketing tool that brings in new email opt-ins, leads, clients and customers. If your website isn’t pulling its weight by doing these things, it is probably time to get a website makeover. But just in case you need some convincing to freshen up your website, here are 8 reasons why your website might need a redesign.

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Website Design Project for Nancy Swisher

Today I’m excited to show you the finished website for one of my recent clients and also share with you a behind-the-scenes look at my web design process. Nancy Swisher is a Transformational Coach, Spiritual Mentor and Artist. When she first contacted me about a website redesign, she was two months away from the launch of her new book.

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How to Add Your Instagram Feed on WordPress

If you want to showcase your Instagram feed on your WordPress website, I have found just the plugin for you! In this blog article I will walk you through step-by-step how to install, setup and customize the Instagram Feed plugin on your WordPress website.

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How to Optimize your Website and Blog Images for SEO

The purpose of including images on your website and blog are to make it look nice, right? Well, yes… but that’s not all they can do! With just a little bit of prep work, your website and blog images can also help you with SEO. Here’s how to optimize your images so they can do more than just look pretty. Optimize them for SEO!

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How to Create Custom Pinterest Board Covers (New 2016 Design!)

Have you noticed the new Pinterest board covers? If you had custom board covers setup in the past, you may notice that they are now cut off, stretched, or both! Don’t worry, I’ve got this all figured out for you. Here is my easy-to-follow tutorial for how to create custom Pinterest board covers with the new 2016 Pinterest design. Plus: download my free Pinterest board cover template!

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Designing Facebook Cover Photos for Desktop and Mobile – New 2016 Size!

With the new design for Facebook Pages, the large cover image at the top has changed (for the better!). Find out exactly what has changed – plus grab my free templates for designing your own Facebook Cover Photos with the new 2016 size and layout. With these templates, you can create designs that look great on desktops and on mobile devices!

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21 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Website

If you’re wondering why you should use WordPress for your website instead of using one of the many other website builders out there, then you’re in the right place! I’ve been creating websites for almost 20 years and I’m convinced more than ever that WordPress is the best choice for most websites. Here are 21 reasons for using WordPress for your website or blog.

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How to Confirm Your Website on Pinterest

If you have a business account on Pinterest, it is important that you confirm your website (or blog) on your Pinterest account. You will get access to Pinterest analytics. (Yay!) And Pinterest will display your profile picture on Pins that people saved from your website. This increases your visibility and credibility. (Win-Win!)

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How to Add Rich Pins to your Blogger Blog

Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions to add rich pins to your Blogger blog. Pinterest Rich pins display additional information that Pinterest gets from your website. Rich pins give you (and your website!) credibility. Rich pins also help your pins stand out in the Pinterest newsfeed.

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How to Add Your Pinterest Profile to your Blog’s Sidebar

Are you a blogger who is active on Pinterest? If so – you can showcase your Pinterest profile on your blog’s sidebar (or even your blog’s footer!) – and hopefully gain some new Pinterest followers in the process! In this blog article I share instructions for how to do this on both a self-hosted Wordpress blog (aka as well as on Blogger.

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