20 Tips for Getting Votes at Mission Small Business

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vote at Mission: Small Business In yesterday’s post I included 10 Tips for Getting Started with the Mission: Small Business program. In order to qualify for the small business grant, you need to receive 250 votes. This might not sound that difficult – but unless you have thousands of followers on social media, it can be a challenge for many small businesses.

Here are 20 tips for getting votes at Mission Small Business:

  1. Email your friends and family members.
  2. Send an email to your customers or clients.
  3. Ask your business associates and employees to vote.
  4. When you ask people to vote for you, also encourage them to share this with their friends. Not only did I get votes from people I didn’t know – but I ended up increasing my followers on social media as the word got out more about my business.
  5. Tweet a vote request. For example:


  6. Send a DM to your Twitter followers.
  7. Post on Facebook — on both your personal Facebook profile and your Facebook page for your business.
  8. Message your friends and fans on Facebook.
  9. Create an event on Facebook with instructions for voting for your business. Then invite your friends to the event.
  10. Post on google+.
  11. Post on LinkedIn.
  12. Send a message to your LinkedIn followers.
  13. Post to your LinkedIn networking groups.
  14. Create and pin a graphic on Pinterest. (See the Mission: Small Business graphic I pinned.)
  15. Write a press release about your business applying for the grant.
  16. Write a blog post and/or create a web page with information about your business trying to qualify for the grant. (For example:
    Mission: Small Business blog post and Mission: Small Business web page.)
  17. Include a call-to-action graphic on your website and link it to your blog post or web page:
    Support Digital K at Mission Small Business
  18. Include a line in your email signature that links to the Mission: Small Business website or to voting instructions on your website (see #16).
  19. Here is a great tip from The Social Network Princess: Give your customers a business card “ad” with a QR code that redirects to your web page or to the Mission: Small Business website.
  20. This tip comes from Gary Spedding, another grant applicant: Make stickers that say ‘Vote for….’ to wear when out in your industry.

Finally, I encourage you to support other small businesses that are applying for the grant as well. Shortly after I applied I did a Google search to see what other businesses were posting about the Mission: Small Business program. I found several blog posts and press releases from other small businesses who were promoting this program for their business. (See tips #15 and #16 above.) I was impressed with several – and they earned my votes!  I also connected with many of these businesses through Facebook to let them know I voted for them and to wish them luck with their efforts. A few companies ended up voting for me as well; but even more importantly, several online conversations were started with companies that I otherwise may have never connected with. (Tip #20 above came from another business I connected with on Facebook.) The point shouldn’t be to try to get their votes; it should be to support other businesses. You may not get their votes in return; but that’s OK! You might gain some new connections… and it feels great to support other small businesses.

Do you have additional tips that helped your business? Please share them in the Comments section below.