How to Create a Cover Image for the Facebook Page Timeline Design

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NOTE: On April 26, 2012 Facebook changed the dimensions of the profile picture for Facebook pages to be a larger 160px x 160px size. I have updated the free Photoshop template of the Facebook Page Cover Image with this larger size.

Have you converted your Facebook page to the new Timeline design yet? If not, it will automatically switch over to the new Facebook Page Timeline design on March 30. Read on to find out how to easily update your Facebook page with the new cover image.

With the new Timeline design, the default landing tab has been removed – and a large cover image has been added to the top of the page. You can use this spot for photos or graphics related to your business – or use it as part of your branding efforts, matching your logo and website design. (Note: per Facebook Page Guidelines, you cannot use this spot for pricing and purchasing information, contact information, calls to action, or for references to Facebook features such as the “Like” or “Share” actions.)

The cover image is 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels high. If you upload an image that’s smaller than these dimensions, it will get stretched to this larger size. The image you upload must be at least 399 pixels wide. However to prevent distortion and ensure a high-quality image, I recommend uploading the recommended size of 851 x 315.

Your profile picture is displayed on top of your cover image. Its dimensions are 125 pixels wide by 125 pixels high 160 pixels wide by 160 pixels high (larger size as of April 26, 2012). However, the photo you upload must be at least 180 pixels wide by x 180 pixels high.

Want to line up your cover photo with your profile picture? Download our free Photoshop template of the Facebook Page Cover Image. This template shows you exactly where the profile photo lines up on the cover photo. Simply use the template to create your cover photo without having to worry if your profile picture will cover up any important spots of your cover image.

cover image of facebook page

For example, on the Digital K Facebook page I wanted to include my logo in my cover image and I wanted it to line up right next to my profile photo. Using this template certainly helped me do this without having to use trial and error to see where things would line up on my Facebook page.

Do you have a creative cover image on your Facebook page? Share the link to your Facebook page in the comments below. I’m working on a new blog post with examples of Facebook page cover images; if yours is creative, unique or effective… I just might include it in the post!

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  1. Anton Koekemoer

    Great post – Thanks for the tips and recommendations. I personally Don’t like the new Timeline Feature but I must admit , It has its advantages when it comes to Online Marketing.

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