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How to Add Rich Pins to your WordPress Blog (with no coding!)

Here’s a quick and easy way to add rich pins to your Wordpress blog – without dealing with code! Pinterest Rich pins display additional information that Pinterest gets from your website. Rich pins give you (and your website!) credibility. Rich pins also help your pins stand out in the Pinterest newsfeed.

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9 Steps for Better Time Management for Busy Boss Ladies

Have you ever noticed that some entrepreneurs seem to get an insane amount of work done each day – while others are spinning their wheels without enough time in the day to accomplish much of anything? Which type of boss lady are are you? More importantly, if you’re in the second group – what can you do to be more productive?

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How to Add a Favicon to Your Website or Blog

Using a website favicon that matches your branding will help with brand recognition. Here are some tips for creating an awesome favicon for your website or blog. Plus I’ve included instructions that will walk you through how to setup a favicon for your website (Wordpress, Blogger, and more)!

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How to Add a Pinterest Hover Button to WordPress Images

Want an easy (and stylish!) way to add a Pinterest “Pin It” hover button to your WordPress images? A “hover button” is a button that appears when you put your mouse over an image. Find out how to get a snazzy Pinterest Hover Button on your WordPress images!

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Free Pinterest Buttons – Spring 2016 Colors

Here’s a new freebie for your blog: Pinterest Buttons in Spring 2016 colors! The buttons come in both a solid version and a semi-transparent version in 5 different colors from this spring’s PANTONE Fashion Color Report Collection.

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3 New WordPress Features for Bloggers

The Wordpress 4.5 update that was recently released includes a few new features that bloggers and website-savvy business owners will appreciate. Here are the top 3 new Wordpress features that I think you’ll find useful!

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How to Add a Periscope On Air Button on Your Website or Blog

Periscope On Air buttons are now available! You can use these buttons to link to a Periscope broadcaster’s account. What’s extra special about these buttons is that they automatically indicate when a broadcaster is LIVE on air! Cool, right? Here’s everything you need to know about adding a Periscope On Air button on your website or blog.

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7 Ways to Use Social Media for Your Business (Besides Marketing!)

Most business owners think of their social media accounts as marketing tools. They create Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Google+ pages, Pinterest and Instagram accounts, and LinkedIn profiles – all in the hopes of expanding their marketing efforts. However there are many more ways to use social media for your business besides marketing! Here are 7 additional ways to use social media for your business.

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